Dedicada al diseño y fabricación de geometrías y paisajes laminares denominados Wallscapes, geometría construida que a modo de prótesis pretende transformar el espacio asumido cuyo objetivo es mejorar la experiencia espacial de sus habitantes y con ello…su vida.

Wallia Founders & Artisians

As architects, Carolina Ruiz-Valdepeñas Guerrero et Daren Gavira Persad studied at the European University School of Art and Architecture in Madrid where they imparted classes of Architectural Design from 2003 to 2011.
Their work has developed in the following areas: landscaping, art and design, building, urban design and teaching among others.

They have won awards at various competitions in architecture , highlighting the Prime Awards.
Their work has appeared in Architectural and Design publications.

Their projects are characterized by continuous interference in research carried out in the teaching field .
This line of work allows them to coexist, in a natural way, with mistakes and the uncertainty based on the ingenuity of those who wonder why things are so……..


Both terms, Criticism and Self-Criticism establish the primary Wallia philosophy. Criticism appears in our vocabulary as a tool for alternatives. Criticism with proposals should therefore demonstrate that another reality is possible.

The Wallia philosophy attempts to put persons into focus. Behind Wallia there are persons who propose for persons and in order to achieve the desired results, a direct channel of communication must be created between persons. Thus, it is important to emphasize that the success of our philosophy will be measured, not by economic profit, but rather, by the aesthetic pleasure experienced by persons on contemplating the finished product. All Wallia’s products are handcrafted, have a limited, numbered edition and are customizable.

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